Officers & Board Members

Officers: 2018-2019

President:  John Barkett (WG'09)
Vice President:  Maria Whitman (WG'05)
Secretary:  Bob McDonald (WG'92)
Treasurer:  David Kibbe (WG'80) 

Board Members: 2018-2019

The WHCMAA Board is comprised of 21 voting members representing the diversity of alumni in terms of years of graduation and professional interests.  There shall be at least two ex officio non-voting members of the Board, one student from each class of the Wharton MBA Health Care Management Program.  The WHCMAA Board currently has 23 members.

  • Heather Aspras, WG'08
  • John Barkett, WG'09, President
  • Edward Chan, WG'11
  • Brian Corvino, WEMBA 35, WG'11
  • Colette Edwards, MD, WG'84
  • Jenny Guyton, WG'19 (student representative)
  • Brian Holzer, MD, WG'05
  • David Kibbe, WG'80, Treasurer
  • Bob McDonald, MD, WG'92, Secretary
  • Dan Mulreany, WG'17
  • Diana Peng, WG'14
  • Kate Reed, WG'87
  • Emily Reid, WG'15
  • Roman Rubio, MD, WG'03
  • Laura Brady Saade, WG'93
  • Chris Simpkins, WG'02
  • Shilpa Topudurti, WG'20 (student representative)
  • Reed van Gorden, WG'12
  • Ryan Vass, MD, WG'14
  • Mark Whitcher, W'93
  • Maria Whitman, WG'05, Vice President
  • Amanda Wyatt, WG'17
  • Bernie Zipprich, WG'16