1.    There shall be four Standing Committees of the Board.  They shall include: (1) the Executive Committee, (2) the Nominating Committee, (3) the Finance and Investment Committee and (4) the Membership Committee.  Each Standing Committee shall meet at least 2 times per year (except for the Executive committee as per below) with minutes published for the entire Board of Directors.  Special Committees may be appointed by the President.  Each Special Committee that is formed shall consist of at least 3 members, including at least 1 Director and may include members who are not Directors or members of the Membership.  The President shall designate a chair of each standing or special committee and each committee member. All Committee members shall serve at the pleasure of the President and may be removed for any reason by the President.  The President shall present the slate of candidates for the Standing Committees to the Board of Directors at the first Board meeting following the annual elections for ratification by the full Board.

2.    Nominating Committee

(a)    The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members of the Board appointed by the President including the Secretary who shall be Chair of the Committee.

(b)    The Nominating Committee shall solicit interest from all Full Members of the Association every year to seek election to the Board.

(c)    The Nominating Committee will send a notice to the Membership of the Association regarding available positions and requesting interested Members to submit their names in order to be nominated for election to the Board.  This solicitation of interest shall be distributed to the Membership no later than April 15th.

(1)    The Nominating Committee will review all interested candidates, including any returning Board member, and at least one member of the Committee will interview each candidate in person or by telephone.  The Nominating Committee will report the names of all interested members and proposed candidates for election to the Board as well as submit the ballot containing the names of all proposed candidates who fulfill the requirements to be elected to the Board to the Membership of the Association no later than May 15th.  In addition, every two years, and for special elections as necessary, an Executive Slate will also be submitted to the Association for a vote by the Membership.  The Executive Slate shall be composed of the President-elect, and his/her nominees for Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary report to the board nominations and those selected.

(2)    The Membership will have at least ten (10) days after receipt of notice to vote for the candidates for Director as well as the Executive Slate, if applicable.

(3)    All candidates for Director will be notified of the election outcome by the Nominating Committee by June 15th.  The Membership will be notified of the newly elected Directors no later than June 30th.

3.    The Executive Committee:

(a)    The Executive Committee shall consist of the four Officers of the Association:  the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

(b)    The Executive Committee shall have the authority to act in place of the Board between Board meetings and to implement the directives of the Board of Directors.  The President shall report any actions taken on behalf of the Executive Committee at each Board meeting.

(c)    The Executive Committee shall convene in person or by web enabled, audio or video conference call at least 3 times per year as deemed appropriate by the President.  

4.     Finance and Investment Committee:

(a)    The Finance and Investment Committee, hereafter “F&I Committee,” shall consist of up to seven (7) members, including the Treasurer, who shall not serve as Chair, at least two (2) other members of the Board, one of whom shall serve as Chair, and up to four (4) other members from the Membership.

(b)    The F&I Committee shall provide oversight of the fiscal affairs of the Association, including but not limited to:

(1)    Development of and annual evaluation of the Association's investment policy.

(2)    Periodic but not less than annual review of receipts and disbursements.

(3)    Periodic but not less than annual review of the investment of non-operating funds and excess operating funds.

(4)    Periodic but not less than annual reconciliation of all checking, savings and investment accounts.

(5)    Annual review of income tax filings and financial statements.

5.    Membership Committee:

(a)    The Membership Committee shall consist of at least three (3) members, including one officer of the Association.  

(b)    The Membership Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors on all matters related to the retention of the Association’s membership including but not limited to:

(1)    Cost of annual dues.

(2)    Benefits to dues-paying members not afforded to non-paying members.

(3)    Incentives and activities to increase the number of dues-paying members.

(4)    Development of annual projections of dues income.

(5)    Generation of periodic membership surveys.

(6)    Periodic analysis of membership by geography, industry and others.

(7)    Provision of value analysis for various membership services.

(c)    The Membership Committee shall prepare a dues solicitation letter each Spring and any subsequent reminders and/or correspondence, including acknowledgment of contributions, and shall monitor and report on the activities of the committee at each meeting of the Board of Directors.