Theo Brandt-Sarif, MD, WG’86

I continue consulting to pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors, serving as physician medical monitor on phase 1-3 clinical trials.  

In addition, over the past decade I have helped over 10 clinical trials meet or exceed their patient enrollment targets by significantly speeding up recruitment. Either in “rescue mode," or proactively as the trial is getting started.

COVID-19 has, of course, placed significant challenges in the way we conduct clinical trials. The consequences will be profound. I am working tirelessly to help my clients get their trials back on track.

On the home front, we, like most of you, have been in lockdown with our 17 year old daughter/high school graduate since March. Exciting news is that our first grandchild is due to be born to our younger son and daughter-in-law in London this November. So much to look forward to.

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