We engage as an operating partner to provide the people, processes and enabling technology essential for payers and health systems to deliver Population Health Services Organization capabilities. The depth and breadth of our solutions—combined with our decade of experience in value-based care—make Lumeris an ideal partner for any health care organization seeking to transform its business and care-delivery model and remarkably improve its clinical and financial outcomes. A decade ago, a team of health care executives who had grown frustrated with the nation’s dysfunctional health care system asked themselves a question: What are the most pressing issues in health care, and how do we fix them? In the current system, it seemed that for someone to win, someone else always had to lose. For the health care system to thrive, the classic adversarial relationship among payers and providers had to end. After much deliberation, these executives distilled their solution to a single word: share. They believed we needed to relearn this childhood lesson and apply it to our broken health care system. This called for an innovative approach, with economics and data shared freely across the continuum of care. It meant incentives—not punishments—offered to encourage optimal behaviors, then supported with the right information and tools.