Vidur Mahaja, WG’16 and Eyal Gura, WG’08 – Alumni News

In December 2015, Vidur Mahajan (WG’16) visited Israel as part of a Wharton Global Modular Course (GMC). There he met Eyal Gura (WG’08), Founder and Chairman of Zebra Medical Vision, a venture- backed company that helps researchers all over the world develop artificial intelligence algorithms to automate medical diagnostics, more specifically, medical imaging diagnostics.

Vidur, who ran Mahajan Imaging, his family’s radiology business in India, prior to Wharton, was immediately intrigued and discussed the possibility of collaborating to co-develop an algorithm to diagnose signs of tuberculosis in chest x-rays without any human intervention. One month after returning to India post-Wharton, Vidur signed a contract with Eyal’s company to provide over 10,000 chest x-rays to Zebra Medical, with the hope that some research group out there will use the data and develop a machine learning algorithm that can potentially help improve the efficiency and accuracy of tuberculosis diagnosis in the developing world. This is just one of the small ways in which a Wharton course might just help make the world we live in just a little bit better.

Contact Vidur and Eyal at:
Vidur Mahajan: [email protected]
Eyal Gura: [email protected]

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