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CoverFront.pngI just released the second book of the At My Pace Series, subtitled Lessons from Our Mothers. Sons and daughters explore ONE single lesson from their moms that has impacted them in short pieces, chock full of stories. In some instances, the contributors had to work through complicated legacies but were able to arrive at a place of peace and understanding. Others offer humor, poignancies, and intent to “pay it forward.”

The official book launch was November 13, at Porter Square Books in Cambridge. The book is available on Amazon by searching either my name, At My Pace, or Lessons from Our Mothers. At My Pace is a series of books that are focused on a single topic with shared stories to help enlighten us and expand our conversation. I am early on in developing the brand. Should you read my book(s), I would be most appreciative for Amazon reviews, and of course any feedback to me personally.


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