Talya Miron-Shatz, PhD

Dr. Talya Miron-Shatz is an expert in health and medical decisions and in behavior change. She has a PhD in psychology and did her post-doctoral research at Princeton University with Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman. Between 2008-2011 she was a lecturer in Wharton’s marketing department, where she taught consumer behavior to MBAs and undergraduates.  She has more than 60 academic papers on digital health and medical decision- making. She consults healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, corporations and startups on prescriber behavior, patient engagement, and more.

Her book, Your Life Depends On It: What You Can Do to Make Better Choices about Your Health (Basic Books, Hachette) shows patients, physicians, and healthcare systems how to improve decision-making processes, satisfaction, health, and ROIs.  It is based on her extensive research, and industry experience

She currently serves as a full professor at the Ono Academic College and a visiting researcher at Cambridge University. 

Contact Dr. Miron-Shatz at:
[email protected]