David Schenck, Ph.D.

david_schenk.jpgDavid Schenck, PhD is Director of the Ethics Program at the Medical University of South Carolina. He is co-author of two books that approach ethics and healing in healthcare from an empirical perspective, Healers: Extraordinary Clinicians at Work and What Patients Teach: Everyday Ethics of Healthcare.  

Dr. Schenck trained in religion and philosophy, with an emphasis in bioethics and phenomenology.  After nearly twenty years as a professor of philosophy and religion, he served as the founding executive director of a free medical clinic, as a counselor and healthcare advocate for the homeless, and as a consultant to community-based nonprofit organizations throughout the Southeast.  

Most recently, Schenck was a clinical ethics consultant and member of the faculty at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  He has published in:  Annals of Internal Medicine, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Social Medicine Reader, Society, Journal British Society Phenomenology, Phenomenology and Philosophical Research, Soundings, Journal of Religious Ethics, International Philosophical Quarterly, International Studies in Philosophy, and Human Studies.


To contact David:  [email protected]