Brian Holzer MD, WG’05

In addition to serving as President of Kindred Innovations, Brian Holzer MD, MBA, WG’05 has founded and now serves as CEO of Lacuna Health, which will remain a Kindred Healthcare company. This new company benefits from its roots as the Kindred Contact Center (KCC), which provided patient engagement and care management services for over 700,000 patients across Kindred’s operating divisions from its beginnings in 2014. A team of nurse advocates and post-acute care experts are poised to apply the KCC learnings and experiences from serving the nation’s largest post-acute care operator towards transforming the patient journey now as Lacuna Health. 

Lacuna Health is focused on helping hospitals, health systems, ACOs, clinically integrated networks, physician groups, and post-acute organizations optimize the end-to-end patient journey. 

Lacuna is Latin for “gap.” Our expertise, built through innovation and thought leadership, reimagines the care management process by filling gaps in a patient’s journey. We fill these gaps by employing proprietary inbound and outbound remote care management models and placement solutions, all of which are designed to be deeply personalized, highly-relevant programs that reach patients at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost. 

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