Valerie Florance, PhD

valerie_florance.jpgValerie Florance, PhD is an Associate Director of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), NIH, where she directs NLM’s Extramural grant programs. NLM’s grant programs focus on the development of novel informatics and data science methods and approaches to meet needs in biomedical and behavioral research relating to human health. She also serves as program director for NLM’s highly-regarded university-based pre-and post-doctoral training programs in biomedical informatics and data science. Before coming to NLM in February 2001, she spent 3 years leading a visioning project undertaken at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to help the association’s members bring the power of computers and networks to bear on managing health information, and worked in library administration at 3 different universities. She has graduate training in medical anthropology and information sciences.