Webinar: In Defense of the “Traditional” Resume: Still a “Must Have” in the Executive Search Process

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
12:00pm— 1:00pm
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Career Development Webinar Series: 
How to stand out in the candidate slate with a bulletproof resume

with featured speaker Molly Robb, Managing Director, Healthcare Venture Capital and Private Equity Practice at BioQuest, a Diversified Search Company

In the era of LinkedIn, Indeed, and other electronic job search mechanisms, the need for a more “traditional” resume has been called into question. In this webinar, Molly Robb will explain why a modernized version of a “traditional” resume remains an essential component of the job search process and discuss the key characteristics of a bullet-proof, modern resume that will help you stand out from the pack of talented candidates. Topics to be addressed include, but may not be limited to:
  • How to tell your story (and what to call it)
  • Developing and delivering your elevator pitch
  • Describing your tangible core competencies and key skills
  • Providing a description of companies and operating environments
  • Distinguishing job responsibilities from your accomplishments
  • Using metrics to quantify and effectively present accomplishments
  • Presenting “outside of work” and community involvement and activity
  • Using and tailoring your resume when looking for a Board position

Molly A. Robb

team-usa-molly_robb_square.pngMolly Robb joined Diversified Search in 2018, working primarily in the life sciences sector with BioQuest, the San Francisco-based subsidiary of Diversified Search. Molly works closely with healthcare venture capital and private equity firms, along with biopharma and medical technology portfolio companies, to place senior-level operating talent and healthcare investors. She has more than 20 years of search leadership experience within both big box and boutique search firms, recruiting healthcare investment professionals and senior operators for a wide range of emerging and established life sciences companies. Her clients on the investment side have included corporate venture capital funds, public and private investment funds, global health and impact investment funds. On the portfolio side, she has recruited senior leaders for emerging pre-clinical and clinical stage companies and worked with large cap and public life sciences clients, including companies in the biopharma, medical device, medical diagnostics, and digital health sectors. Molly earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Journalism School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double emphasis in Media and Communications.


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