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Contributor: John Barkett, WG’09
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Barkett-photo.jpgLast year the WHCMAA provided over $50,000 in scholarships to Wharton Health Care Management (HCM) students.  The June Kinney scholarship was offered to three students who demonstrated a sense of social mission and leadership characteristics that will both build community within the class and contribute to the societal healthcare enterprise after graduation.  The winners of the Kinney Scholarship were Jenna Ackerman WG’20, Elizabeth Morse WG’20, and Nina Underman WG’20.

The Kissick Scholarship was offered to two students whose pursuits reflect the values and work of William L. Kissick, MD, one of the founding faculty of the HCM program.  Dr. Kissick believed health policy was an important tool for improving the healthcare system; that scholarship and research elevates public debates and private pursuits; and that an interdisciplinary approach was necessary to make a difference – through business or government.  The winners of the Kissick Scholarship were Shivani Amar WG’19 and Ariana Chehrazi WG’19.

We celebrated all five scholarship winners at the HCM Alumni dinner on November 1st.  Each student addressed the alumni present, talking to us about their past, what they’re doing on campus, and what they plan to do after they graduate. It’s my favorite event of the year, by a long shot.  Hearing their passion and ideas, one quickly realizes the importance of supporting the HCM Program.

And we can help you support it!  The WCHMAA can help any alumni interested in recruiting, mentoring, or financially supporting students.  We’re also the place to come for networking with fellow alumni and engaging with the program.  We hope to see you at WHCMAA event at the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference, at the HIMSS or ASCO annual conferences, or at any of a number of the regional events this year!  


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