Senior Technical Advisor, Health Insurance

(Posted 8/24/2016) Clinton Health Access Initiative, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia     

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Founded in 2002 by President William J. Clinton, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to strengthening integrated health systems around the world and expanding access to care and treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and other illnesses. Based on the premise that a business-oriented strategy can facilitate solutions to global health challenges, CHAI acts as a catalyst to mobilize new resources and optimize the impact of these resources to save lives, via improved organization of commodity markets and more effective local management. CHAI does not operate stand-alone programs, nor does it build parallel health systems. Rather, CHAI works at the invitation and in support of governments. CHAI's teams are working side-by-side with more than 30 governments to tackle many of the largest barriers to effective health care.

CHAI Ethiopia is currently carrying out a wide range of programs to support the Ministry of Health in improving access to and increasing the quality of health services. As one of CHAI's largest field offices with more than 150 staff, the Ethiopia office operates programs across hospital management; maternal, newborn and child health; HIV/AIDS; nutrition; vaccines; and health financing. The health financing program aims to transform how the health system is financed to substantially and sustainably increase access to services, beginning with essential services for those most in need.

The Government of Ethiopia is rolling out health insurance with the goal of reaching most of its population of 100 million people by 2020. The government is scaling up community-based health insurance for the informal sector, rolling out social health insurance for the formal sector, and harmonizing these two schemes under a national insurance scheme. This is one of the most ambitious health financing reforms on the continent, with the potential to transform the health system and move the country closer to its goal of universal health coverage. However, if the launch is implemented poorly the scheme could not only fail, but set the health sector back.

To successfully roll out this ambitious reform, the leadership of the newly formed Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency will need to overcome technical, operational and management challenges. There is a need to develop management structures with clear roles and responsibilities. There is also a need to generate evidence and inform design decisions such as the benefits package, contribution rates, pooling strategy and provider payment mechanisms. Finally, it will be critical to develop end to end processes for successful enrollment, claims management and financial management.

CHAI has been asked by the Minister of Health and senior leadership of the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency to provide comprehensive support in all of these areas to ensure that the insurance reform has the intended outcomes. Ethiopia will be a flagship program for CHAI's work in health insurance, shaping our engagement in other countries.


CHAI is seeking a highly motivated individual with outstanding technical and managerial capabilities to play a leadership role in our engagement in insurance in Ethiopia. The Senior Technical Advisor will manage and provide technical input to a large CHAI team. He or she will work closely as an advisor to the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency's Director and Deputy Director. He or she will also work with a range of partners and external experts. Working with CHAI's global health financing team, the technical advisor will design a long term strategy for CHAI's insurance work in Ethiopia and across other countries.

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Supervise a team of CHAI staff working across different directorates of the Health Insurance Agency, providing both managerial input and technical input.
  • Work with CHAI staff and the Health Insurance Agency in areas ranging from benefits design, to member management, provider management, pooling and finance, management information systems, and information technology. This will include the following:
    • Respond to key strategic questions by designing and implementing research and analyses;
    • Present research and analyses to stakeholders and work with the Health Insurance Agency to use this information to develop evidence based strategies, policies and procedures;
    • Pilot, roll-out and continuously improve core business processes.
  • Set up systems to facilitate monitoring and early identification of problem areas during the roll-out and implementation of the insurance scheme, working with management to address these problems as they arise.
  • Build management and technical capacity within the Insurance Agency, working directly with the Director, Deputy Director and Directors of various units at the headquarters and regional level.
  • Serve as a key contact for stakeholders working in Ethiopia, coordinating and participating in technical working groups.
  • Leverage external expertise, working with universities, partners and other public insurance schemes to respond to key strategic questions.
  • Document Ethiopia's experience for donors, stakeholders and other governments.
  • Contribute to the design of CHAI's health insurance strategy in Ethiopia and across other countries.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by CHAI leadership and the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency.


CHAI works in a fast-paced, results-driven environment and this health insurance reform is a top priority for the government. This individual would need to be able to shape CHAI's engagement and the public insurance scheme, and should therefore be technical as well as a strong strategic thinker. He or she should also have relevant experience in insurance from other contexts. CHAI places great value on resourcefulness, responsibility, tenacity, flexibility, independence, energy, work ethic and humility.

Qualifications and advantages include the following:

  • Advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in a related field such as health economics, public health, financial management, public policy preferred;
  • 7-10+ years of professional experience in demanding, results-oriented environments in the public sector and/or private sector (e.g., management consulting);
  • Experience working in health or life insurance in developed or developing countries;
  • Experience designing, managing and implementing projects and teams;
  • Excellent problem solving, analytical and quantitative skills, including attention to detail;
  • Ability to work independently, set priorities and handle multiple tasks simultaneously;
  • Ability to learn on the job quickly and absorb and synthesize a broad range of information;
  • Ability to navigate ambiguous and complex processes and be flexible;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to achieve consensus amongst stakeholders;
  • Strong communication skills, including delivery of compelling presentations and documents;
  • Strong command of the English language; and
  • Willingness to travel within Ethiopia as needed.


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