Sam Holliday, WG'09

Oshi Health, which recently launched its virtual clinic for gastrointestinal conditions and is led by CEO Sam Holliday (WHG ’09, SEAS ’01), was selected out of hundreds of applicants as a winner of the UCSF Rosenman Institute ADAPT Program.  Oshi Health was also selected by UnitedHealth Group to roll out its virtual clinic in a proof-of-concept study that will launch in early 2021.  The company has redesigned GI care around the needs of patients with a telehealth-first and value-based approach.  Each patient works with an integrated, GI-specialized care team that determines the root cause of symptoms and develops a personalized, whole-person care plan that includes evidence-based medication, dietary interventions, and stress/anxiety management.  Oshi Health works with employers and health plans to improve quality of life, workplace productivity, and outcomes for their employees or members with diagnosed GI conditions or those experiencing chronic GI symptoms while reducing total cost of care.

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