Quiet Leaders, Loud Results - How to lead authentically if you are an introvert (and work with introverts if you are not)

Date and Time
Wednesday, January 25, 2023
12:00pm— 1:00pm
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Danna Daughtry - Club Administrator

Career Development Webinar Series

with featured speaker Ankit Mahadevia, Co-founder and CEO of Spero Therapeutics; Author, Quiet Leader Loud Results (Post Hill Press, 2022)

Our society typically thinks of leaders as extroverts and introverts as followers. In fact, introverts, who make up more than half of us, can bring unique strengths to leadership. Indeed, many successful business leaders drive their organizations forward without being the loudest person in the room. Too often, introverts opt out of leadership roles since they don’t look like the “typical” leader, and those that do are often discounted by the Boards and managers that evaluate them. Neither needs to be the case. In this webinar, Ankit will address:

  • The unique strengths introverts bring to leadership
  • How to apply these strengths to lead in a way true to yourself
  • How introverts can address the parts of leadership outside of their comfort zone  
  • How to lead teams that have “mixed” personalities
  • How extroverts can best work with, mentor, and lead introverts


Ankit Mahadevia

Ankit Mahadevia is an entrepreneur, CEO, speaker, and author.  He has co-founded nine biotechnology companies, including Spero Therapeutics, where he currently serves as CEO. He has raised over $1 billion for the development of novel therapeutics, and built multiple high performing management teams. Ankit was named one of Glassdoor’s “Top 50 CEOs of 2021” (#15 nationwide). He is the author of Quiet Leader, Loud Results (Post Hill Press/Simon and Schuster, 2022), and has spoken widely on leadership, including at Harvard University, Columbia University, Northwestern University, and the Berkeley Forum. 


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