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Contributor: John Harris, WG’88
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John HarrisDear Friends,

If you are like me, time is your most precious commodity. With all of the options to spend time with family and friends, or getting one more work task done, why should your business school alumni association take priority? Let me try to explain.

The Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association (WHCMAA) is the leading network in the business of health. WHCMAA members span every aspect of the vast healthcare industry. Our members include internationally recognized leaders and fresh MBA graduates, those who are mid-career and those who are retired and in the business of giving back, including:

  • over 2,000 MBA alumni from the Wharton Health Care Management program
  • 3,000 Wharton MBAs in the business of health who are eligible to become affiliate members of WHCMAA 

What do we do?

  • award the Kissick and Kinney scholarships to three outstanding students every year and raise funds for these scholarships
  • support the Wharton Global Health Volunteers annual trip to help students gain insight and experience in locations across the globe
  • organize the alumni conference for in-depth, thoughtful discussions among healthcare leaders
  • present a weekly radio show on Sirius XM Radio
  • publish the Wharton Healthcare Quarterly
  • host the Wharton Healthcare Knowledge Network (WHKN) listserv
  • host alumni gatherings at industry events like the annual JPMorgan conference in San Francisco and in major cities
  • provide career development support at all stages of our careers

What this means to you is many opportunities to engage, grow, and give back with the WHCMAA.

  • You can connect with other insightful alumni through the WHKN listserv, gatherings, and the alumni conference.
  • You can participate in activities, or help to organize them, connecting with the amazing volunteers on the Board and committees which support and do the work of the WHCMAA.
  • You can submit an article to the Wharton Healthcare Quarterly.
  • And this year, the student-led Wharton Global Health Volunteers is interested in some alumni joining them on their trip!

As I have often repeated, the WHCMAA is the leading network in the business of health. As a Wharton alum in healthcare, you have a unique opportunity to connect and be part of a community of healthcare business leaders and to support students who are following in your path.

That’s an opportunity that’s worth your time.


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