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Michael Meng, and Ben Kraus, have teamed up to co-found Stellar Health, a start-up based in NYC that currently manages thousands of patients on its platform. The company alleviates the challenges associated with value-based healthcare delivery by aligning provider behavior with insurer requirements.

This is all done through Stellar Health’s innovative tech platform, which assesses medical history and claims data and presents providers with the most clinically important measures needed for each patient in real-time. Providers earn additional reimbursement every time they address one of these measures, incentivizing them to ensure nothing gets missed.   

Michael and Ben are excited to work on this tough problem of helping providers and payors achieve the results they are looking for in value-based care, and the company has already seen success in several states, including Florida, New Jersey, and New York.  Along with their team, they look forward to tackling the challenges that our healthcare system faces in 2019 and beyond.

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