Lisa David, WG’84

I am in my 3rd year as President and CEO of Public Health Solutions in NYC.  We provide community-based services in marginalized communities, do research and evaluation on public health issues, and partner with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to administer contracts on their behalf.  We focus on young families in marginalized neighborhoods, providing food and nutrition, health insurance, maternal health and early childhood development, and reproductive and sexual health education. New to public health, I have learned so much; mostly good stuff and some very frustrating.  

My husband, Ernie Berger (WG’84), is working for a tech start-up that makes very small microchips that provide a range of functionality that fit in credit or identity cards.  Our 2 daughters are in NYC, living on their own, and quite happy in their lives and jobs.  So they survived us! 


Contact Lisa at:
[email protected]


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