Katie Ellias, WG’06 - Alumni News

Katie Ellias WG ‘06, who has been working in the healthcare venture capital industry in Europe since 2011 at funds such as Sofinnova Partners and Endeavour Vision, has joined the JDRF T1D Fund as Managing Director, based in Boston. The venture philanthropy fund has raised nearly $70M to date to finance innovative healthcare companies bringing therapies and technologies to market to cure, treat, and prevent type 1 diabetes. 

The JDRF T1D Fund (www.t1dfund.org) is a venture philanthropy fund accelerating life-changing solutions to treat, prevent, and cure type 1 diabetes (T1D) through catalytic commercial investments. Through its investments in partnership with private capital, including venture capital, corporations and foundations, the T1D Fund seeks to attract the private investment necessary to advance drugs, devices, diagnostics, and vaccines into the hands of those living with T1D. The T1D Fund invests in areas strategically aligned with JDRF, the leading global organization funding T1D research, with an exclusive focus on supporting the best commercial opportunities. The T1D Fund will reinvest any realized gains into new investments to further its mission.

Contact Katie at:
[email protected]
50 Milk Street, 16th Floor
Boston, MA 02109

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