June Kinney Fellowship Fund Scholarship

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The June Kinney Fellowship Fund scholarship is intended to be offered, starting September 2015, to a qualified incoming Wharton Healthcare MBA student. It is expected that the initial scholarship will be approximately $15,000. The amount of this scholarship is to be derived from the earnings associated with the principal raised for the scholarship in honor of June Kinney. The principal will not be touched but used in perpetuity in funding the annual scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to ensure promising candidate(s) choose the Wharton health care program over any other business school. As alum, we also want to ensure the healthcare program attracts the top talent as this also reflects on us and our reputations as graduates of the program. 
This scholarship will be given to a deserving incoming health care MBA student who:
  • Demonstrates academic excellence;
  • Has contributed to the healthcare field;
  • Plans on working in the field upon graduation and;
  • Exhibits upright character and financial need
Given the importance of diversity to the program and in developing future health care leaders, consideration of minority status may also play a part of the selection process. The Alumni Association will work closely with June to identify and select scholarship recipients during the admissions process.  

The scholarship recipient will be chosen in early 2015 after qualified candidates are identified by June and after undergoing an interview selection process from the Wharton alumni board.

Click here for the Case Statement associated with the Alumni Scholarship in honor of June Kinney.

To make a contribution to the June Kinney Fellowship Fund, please click on the following link:  https://giving.apps.upenn.edu/giving/jsp/fast.do?program=WHA&fund=404039
Contributions to the June Kinney Fellowship Fund are tax deductible and you will receive tax documentation from the University.
We very much look forward to your participating in the funding of this scholarship.  This is a great way for us to honor someone who has meant so much to all of us. 

For questions regarding the scholarship, please contact:

contribution_status_for_web.jpgJeff Voigt, '85; Co-chair Steering Committee; email: [email protected]phone: 201-251-8204 (w)

Tracy Johnson, ’86; Co-chair Steering Committee; [email protected]; phone: 215-399-1859 (w)