John Whitman, WG’78

Combining 30 plus years of healthcare experience focused specifically on helping to improve care for our nation’s seniors, with the last five years of research into the use of telemedicine specifically focused on reducing avoidable transfers from skilled nursing facilities to hospitals, JW is now part of a new start-up company called Tapestry TeleHealth. 

Tapestry is dedicated to improving care in our nation’s rural nursing facilities where access to basic primary care is often challenging, let alone access to specialists. Through state of the art technology and a team of highly qualified, geriatrics-focused physicians, nurse practitioners, and specialists, Tapestry will reach out to America’s 4000+ rural nursing facilities with the goal of bringing highly qualified clinicians to the resident’s bedside when needed. This is made possible through technology that allows the clinician and resident to interact through a large, two-way monitor, a digitally enhanced stethoscope, otoscope, camera, and pillow speaker for residents with hearing issues. The nurse from the facility participates in the exam and serves as the clinician’s on-site hands. 

Telemedicine allows these rural facilities, immediate access to primary care when local physicians are not available to visit the facility. It also provides access to a host of specialists who can also visit the resident virtually, thereby avoiding delays in care and transporting the resident (and an accompanying staff member) long distances to see a specialist. 

Tapestry can not only help improve access to care through technology, but, in doing so, also prevent avoidable nursing home to hospital transfers generating significant savings for our healthcare system. 

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