Jeff Voigt, WG’85

Recently published the following peer reviewed articles: 

Voigt J, Carpenter L, and Leuchter A. Cost effectiveness analysis comparing repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation to antidepressant medications after a first treatment failure for major depressive disorder in newly diagnosed patients – A lifetime analysis. PLOS ONE. 2017; 12(10): e0186950 

Patel R, Ivanov O, and Voigt J. Lifetime cost-effectiveness analysis of intraoperative radiation therapy versus external beam radiation therapy for early stage breast cancer. Journal of Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation. 2017; 15:22. DOI 10.1186/s12962-017-0084-5 

Selected as Associate Editor for the Journal of Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation. 

Contact Jeff at: [email protected] 


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