Gil Kerbs, MA, WG’13 and Yael Hallak

Gil Kerbs is an entrepreneur focusing on disease prevention. He founded Newt, an AI company developing a digital, AI-powered personal nutritionist. Active in healthcare for 15+ years, Gil previously held senior positions at Medtronic, including leading a business unit in China and heading Emerging Markets’ surgical product development. Prior, Gil worked in VC. 

He speaks fluent Mandarin and holds an MBA/MA in international relations from Wharton/Lauder Institute (Chinese track, 2013) and a Technion EE BSc.

Contact Gil at: [email protected]

Yael Hallak is a social psychologist and behavior change researcher for the past 10 years. Working with the Center for Advanced Hindsight (Dan Ariely’s lab at Duke University), advising startups in NYC (where she is currently located), Israel, and the Israeli government. She is a published author and a contributor to Israel’s most widespread financial newspaper. 

Contact Yael at: [email protected]