Gary Danoff and Jay Kothari

image001.jpgGary Danoff
Gary Danoff is Head of G Suite, Global Public Sector at Google.  He is responsible for G Suite customer retention and cloud expansion on digital platforms in healthcare, public safety, higher education, state, local and national governments.

Gary is also Chief Connection Officer (CCO) at, supporting increased human connection in the digital world to benefit individuals, business leaders and public institutions.

Contact Gary at:
[email protected] 

image003.pngJay Kothari
Jay Kothari is Project Lead of Glass, a smart glasses tool that empowers workers to do their jobs faster, safer, and smarter through hands-free technology and a line-of-sight display.

Prior to joining Google, Jay led product management teams at Amazon Web Services and Microsoft on Office 365 and Windows. He holds degrees in computer science and political science from Carnegie Mellon University and degrees in computer science from Drexel University.

Contact Jay at:
Twitter at @jkothari