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2018 was a banner year for seeing my Wharton Healthcare Management classmates.  I had dinner in NYC with David Collier (WG ’97); David’s lovely wife, Nilou; and Julie Oh (WG ’97).  It was great to see Julie again after more than 20 years.  I had lunch with Ted Ebel (WG ’97) in San Diego and ran into Dave Pinkert (WG ’97) at a conference in Las Vegas.  My learning teammate Dan Deardorf (WG ’97) and I couldn’t get our schedules to align while I was in Boston but will try again next time.  I periodically see Aaron Martin (WG ’97), as we are both working in healthcare venture investing for different funds based in Seattle.  Victoria Goldin (WG ’97) stayed at our house while she and her family were visiting Seattle.  

SpringRock Ventures, the venture fund I co-manage, also invested in a company co-founded by a HCMG program alum - John Voith (WG ’07).

I’ve been reflecting on how much my Wharton classmates have changed the course of my life - introducing me to my spouse, making connections that led to several jobs that shaped my career, providing a sounding board, lending an informed opinion, sharing advice, and being my friends even when I’ve been an iterant communicator at best.  I continue to benefit from my Wharton experience well beyond what I learned in class.  I hope my classmates have had the same fortune.

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