Eduardo Cisneros, WG’07

It was great to see some of you at the 10-year reunion last May. I am excited to announce that I have launched my own Executive and Life Coaching practice, Inspírate (Spanish for “Inspire Yourself”). 

The journey started almost two years ago when I left my role as VP of Business Development at DaVita in pursuit of a more purposeful path. The process of making changes and improvements in my life was a deep and challenging one, resulting in profound professional and personal rewards. I am fascinated by what it takes for us to change, which spurred me to now help others do this and become certified as an Integral Coach®, while leveraging my 16 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. 

As a coach, I help my clients to become more aware of their current approach to challenges, to see new possibilities, and then build the critical competencies needed to attain their goals. Together we create sustainable solutions so individuals and teams more readily and positively contribute to their and their organization’s success. 

I specialize in serving organizations that seek to create a competitive advantage by investing in their C-suite and the development of key talent, while also directly serving individuals who seek to change or improve their professional and life skills. Please visit my website or email me for more information or if you have questions. Looking forward to (re) connecting. 

Contact Eddie at: [email protected] 

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