Barry Dornfeld, PhD

Barry Dornfeld, Principal, has been astrategic advisor to organizationsin both the non-profit and for- profit sectors, and is an expert onorganizational change, strategy, leadership,and governance. He draws on his many years ofconsulting, teaching, and industry experience to help guide clients through complex organizational issues, develop strategies for change, and learn from their experience.Barry teaches extensively, leading executive programs on strategy, influence and persuasion, organizational culture and change, negotiation, and board governance.He speaks to a wide range of groups in many industries with a focus on healthcare,not-for-profits, and higher education, and has taught and spoken in manysettings in the US and internationally, including extensive experience with Wharton’s Executive  Education division. In addition tohis academic positions, Barry teaches in the Harvard Macy program “LeadingInnovations in Healthcare” and the Chief Nursing Officers Academy, and has presented to a range oforganizations.

Barry's experienceas an anthropologist and filmmaker trained him to listen and ask questions, so that he can

work with executivesin ways that areattuned to their needs,culture, and learning styles, and help them reach their organizationalgoals. These skills help himconnect to clients easily, work productively in a variety ofsettings, and effectively advise and teach executives. His recent work in the healthcare and higher education has focused onways to help leaders maximize value across strategic partnerships such asthose with academic medical centers and medical professional societies.

Barry is co-authorof The Moment You Can’t Ignore: When Big Trouble Leads to a Great Future, publishedby PublicAffairs Books in October 2014. He holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Anthropology and Economics from Tufts University and aPh.D. in Communication from the Annenberg School of the University of Pennsylvania, and has been a faculty member at New York University and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Barry co-leads CFAR’s Healthcare and HigherEducation Groups.

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