Anish Sebastian

Anish_Sebastian.jpgAnish co-founded Babyscripts in 2013 with the vision that internet-enabled medical devices and big data would transform the delivery of pregnancy care. Since the inception of the company, Anish has received numerous accolades, including being named a “Champion of Change” for precision medicine by the White House, one of the Top 40 Transformers in healthcare by MM&M Magazine, and Healthcare Transformer by the Startup Health Academy in New York. Anish Sebastian is also the architect of the first "Prenatal Care Moonshot,” focused on eliminating preterm birth by 2027 through mobile/digital technology, and Babyscripts.

In his role as CEO he has raised over $15 million in venture/angel financing for furthering his vision of a data-centric model in prenatal care, which includes the recent closure of a Series A-1 of $6 million led by Philips. He has orchestrated large partnerships with General Electric and their Healthymagination initiative, and the March of Dimes, specifically targeting the elimination of premature birth. He has also led the Babyscripts product team, guiding the direction of the product from its inception, finding the product market fit, and fully commercializing it in multiple markets.

Currently Babyscripts is installed in several larger healthcare systems, and has 160,000 pregnancies under management. Anish has also successfully led several research endeavors, including two key studies of Babyscripts product, resulting in being published in key academic journals and conferences. 

Anish is a frequent speaker on the future of healthcare. He has spoken at several venues, including BioIT Showcase, NPR, mHealth Summit, Drexel University School of Medicine, and GW School of Public Health. See below a complete listing of his speaking and media events.


  • Healthcare Health Transformer Spotlight: Startup Health Festival 2019
  • Drexel University Resident Education Day, Keynote Speaker.
  • GW University Lecture – Innovatoin in Healthcare.
  • Health Datapalooza 2015 - Panel Moderator: How Do You Get Clinical Validation from Patient-Generated and Open Health Data in Obstetric Care?
  • Hacking Healthcare Lecture: How to become a chief medical officer for a digital health start-up (Georgetown University School of Medicine). 
  • Challenge Cup Festival 2015 Panel: Clash of Rising Powers - Payers v.Providers.
  • Digital Health DC - Start-Up Showcase 2014
  • Venture+ Start-up Showcase
  • TechShop Panel in Crystal City: "From Making to Made It!"
  • HC3 Presentation - Kick-off presentation The Disruptive Cloud
  • Health and Medical Technology Innovation Roundtable 
  • Several Events – DS QS Group find details here


  • Pitched and won the Start-up Barracuda Bowl in SXSW
  • Pitched and won the 1776 Healthcare DC Challenge Cup
  • Pitched and won 36/86 Competition in Tennessee



In addition to his professional responsibilities, Anish is an advocate of the consumer healthcare revolution serving as the lead organizer of the Quantified-Self Group in Washington, DC. As organizer, he leads the effort in establishing and growing the quantified-self movement (a data-driven approach to self knowledge) in the Washington DC metro area. Anish also serves as an advisor to OpenBeds Inc., a start-up focused on disrupting the bed transfer process between various provider networks. He is also actively involved in Catholic Charities of America, actively participating in local community events in the DC area.