LDI Insight Newsletter - March 2019

MARCH 2019
In Health Affairs, Ben Chartock and Sarah Schutz find that women who receive a surprise bill after giving birth were 13% more likely to switch hospitals for a subsequent delivery than mothers who were not surprise billed. Chartock and Schutz are Wharton Health Care Management doctoral students. Blog  |  One Pager
In JAMA Internal Medicine, Rachel Werner, Norma Coe and colleagues find that discharging patients to home health vs. a skilled nursing facility leads to significant savings in Medicare spending, despite increasing hospital readmissions.  Brief
Researchers at the Center for Health Economics of Treatment Interventions for Substance Use Disorder, HCV, and HIV (CHERISH) predict that if naloxone was sold OTC, pharmacy sales would increase by at least 15%, and possibly up to 179%.  Blog
In JAMA Network Open, researchers from the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers find that readmissions are lower among Medicaid patients when a hospital visit is followed by a primary care appointment within seven days of discharge. The authors estimate that each avoided rehospitalization saved $10,300.  Blog
In the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, Allison Hoffman uses the example of cost-sharing reduction payments to highlight the limitations of market-based health policy solutions. We outline Hoffman’s reasoning in a post on our blog.  Blog
In the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mark Pauly calls for more detail on candidates' "Medicare for all" proposals, and reflects on a personal connection to Sen. Kamala Harris during his first academic job.  Blog
In a Knowledge@Wharton interview, Ashley Swanson and Robert Field discuss the Trump administration’s regulatory proposals to curb rising prescription drug prices.  Podcast
During a recent visit to Penn LDI, Chief Population Health Officer Dave Chokshi described his strategy to address the health and social needs of the 1.2 million patients served by New York City Health + Hospitals, the country’s largest public health care system.  Report
"Told”: the Word Most Correlated to Negative Online Hospital Reviews, Journal of General Internal Medicine, February 2019, Anish Agarwal, Raina Merchant

Does Quality of End-of-Life Care Differ by Urban-Rural Location? A Comparison of Processes and Family Evaluations of Care in the VA, The Journal of Rural Health, February 2019, Cindy del Rosario, Ann Kutney‐Lee, Julie Sochalski, Mary Ersek

Association Between Clinician Specialization in Nursing Home Care and Nursing Home Clinical Quality Scores, Journal of the Medical Directors Association, February 2019, Kira L. Ryskina, Christine Lam, Hye-Young Jung

State-Level Prevalence, Health Service Use, and Spending Vary Widely Among Medicare Beneficiaries with Parkinson Disease, Nature, January 2019, Sneha Mantri, Michelle E. Fullard, James Beck, Allison W. Willis

Electronic Health Record Adoption and Nurse Reports of Usability and Quality of Care: The Role of Work Environment, Applied Clinical Informatics, February 2019, Ann Kutney-Lee, Douglas M. Sloane, Kathryn H. Bowles, Lawton R. Burns, Linda H. Aiken
What Predicts Health Care Transitions for Older Adults Following Introduction of LTSS?Journal of Applied Gerontology, February 2019, Karen B. Hirschman, Mark P. Toles, Alexandra L. Hanlon, Liming Huang, Mary D. Naylor

Differential Payment to Research Participants in the Same Study: An Ethical AnalysisJournal of Medical Ethics, March 2019, Govind Persad, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Emily Largent

E-Cigarettes and Similar Devices, Pediatrics, February 2019, Brian P. Jenssen, Susan C. Walley

Transition-Age Medicaid Coverage for Adolescents With Autism and Adolescents With Intellectual DisabilityAmerican Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, March 2019, Lindsay L. Shea, Robert Field, Ming Xie, Steven Marcus, Craig Newschaffer, and David Mandell

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Patient-Centered Preference Assessment to Improve Satisfaction With Care Among Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Journal of Clinical Oncology, March 2019, Ravishankar Jayadevappa, Sumedha Chhatre, Joseph J. Gallo, Marsha Wittink, Knashawn H. Morales, David I. Lee, Thomas J. Guzzo, Neha Vapiwala, Yu-Ning Wong, Diane K. Newman, Keith Van Arsdalen, S. Bruce Malkowicz, J. Sanford Schwartz, Alan J. Wein
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