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The Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association has been in existence for over thirty (30) years and currently has more than 500 active members.  Members span the healthcare field including: CEOs of large medical centers, healthcare policy makers, executives in medical product companies, and top industry consultants.  WHCMAA hosts events for members around the globe.  We also host combined events with regional Alumni Associations and Clubs in Boston, NY, NJ, Philadelphia, and Northern California.  Below are some of the benefits and activities that Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association members enjoy:

Member Benefits:
  • Interactions and perspectives from many of the movers and shakers in healthcare
  • Free access to Wharton and WHCMAA webinars as well as Wharton Business Radio sessions on Sirius XM
  • Discounts to local and national meetings and conferences – opportunity to interact with those who are influencing healthcare
  • Use of Wharton job board for new opportunities
  • Access to the MBA healthcare alumni database for networking
  • JPMorgan Healthcare conference Wharton reception (annual January event in San Francisco).  This is a great meeting in which to start the year off reconnecting with the Wharton Alumni.
  • Annual Wharton Healthcare Management Alumni Conference with presenters and participants who are primarily WHCMAA alumni.  Alumni association members pay a reduced fee for the event.
  • The Wharton Health Care Conference held annually in February or March in Philadelphia.  This event has grown in size and national stature over the years; hosting over 600 industry participants and MBA students with presentations from industry leaders and policy makers.   A reduced fee is offered to this conference for alumni association members.
  • Frequent Webinars (free of charge).   Recent webinars have included: Modeling the Ebola Outbreak in Academia and Government: Policy, Priorities, and Publication, Medicare Part D Enrollee Decisions on Drug Consumption based on Price Incentives, The Effects of Healthcare Reform, and Trends in Employer Sponsored Health Insurance.  This growing library of prior events is available to members free of charge.
  • Frequent Radio Sessions on the Wharton Business Radio Sirius XM (free of charge).   Recent segments have included: Medical Device Entrepreneurs That Have Hit it Big, Eat or Be Eaten: The Specialty Pharma Survival Story, Social Determinants of Health, New Payment/Reimbursement Models, Academic Medical Centers, and The Collapse of the Long Term Care Insurance Market.  
  • Cocktail receptions/networking including: American Association of Clinical Oncology; Annual biotechnology networking event; Wharton/Harvard Healthcare annual event in NYC; regular local receptions in Boston and Philadelphia.
  • Joint events, presentations, with other Wharton and non-Wharton Alumni Clubs (e.g. Kellogg, Harvard Business School, Healthcare Business Women’s Association).
  • Various regional events featuring expert panelists discussing a wide range of healthcare-related topics.   Click here to access our Recent Events calender.

Questions about joining the Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association?

Contact alumni club members – they will be happy to talk with you:

We look forward to your participation!

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HC Program Alumni Member
  All Wharton MBA Health Care Management Program graduates are invited to join.
  Membership price:  $90.00
Current Members who extend (renew BEFORE expiration) pay:  $85.00

Affiliate Member
  All University of Pennsylvania graduates in the healthcare industry that were not part of the Wharton Healthcare Management Program, including Wharton undergraduate, MBA and WEMBA alumni as well as other UPenn professional school alumni.
  Membership price:  $90.00
Current Members who extend (renew BEFORE expiration) pay:  $85.00

Dual Healthcare/Boston Membership
  One year membership in Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association and Wharton Club of Boston. A $35 discount off the cost of joining each club separately. For Wharton alumni only.
  Membership price:  $115.00

Dual Healthcare/New Jersey Membership
  One year membership in Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association and Wharton Club of New Jersey. For Wharton alumni only.
  Membership price:  $135.00

Class of '16 -- Full Member
  All Wharton MBA Health Care Management Program graduates receive their first year of membership for free.
  Membership price:  $0.00

Current students – Classes of '17 and '18 -- Full Member
  All current students of the Wharton MBA Health Care Management Program are granted honorary membership.
  Membership price:  $0.00

Patron Member
  An opportunity for alumni to show leadership and commitment to the WHCMAA. Additional benefits include: no charge for up to two regional events and up to two Career Development events.
  Membership price:  $350.00
Current Members who extend (renew BEFORE expiration) pay:  $320.00
Returning Members (who renew AFTER expiration) pay:  $320.00

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